BEST Programs 4 Kids

As the co-Director of BEST Programs 4 Kids, alongside Helen Davidson, much of my time is spent on the development of business interests in Australia and overseas as well as the ongoing research into and development of new resources in the social and emotional well-being space.

BEST Programs 4 Kids is the result of years of work and experiences. It includes a range of curriculum-based resources for children, parents, educators and therapists to help children and their families towards better mental health outcomes.

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Community Ambassador


Are you OK? How long has it been since someone asked you that question – how long has it been since you asked? Suicide is a huge and ongoing concern in Australia – and in the wider world. We lose more young adults to suicide than we do to road accidents.

So, getting behind this great organisation is a privilege. R U OK? is an organisation helping everyday Australians to reach out and connect by:

  • Asking – Are you OK?
  • Listening – really listening
  • Encouraging action
  • Checking in

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